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IRIAE EVENTS - Edo Castle: the IRIAE Project for the Reconstruction of Tokyo Imperial Palace

IRIAE and the Degree Course in History of the Department of Humanistic Studies of Federico II organize this conference to present the IRIAE project for the understanding of the history and evolution of the Edo Castle. Methodologies and action plans will be presented for the reconstruction of the development of the fortified citadel around which took place the dynamics that led a small fishing village to become Edo and then Tokyo, and which would lead to the creation of a virtual 3D model of the various stages of the castle. The conference will be held on November 13th at 2.30 pm in the Sala del Refettorio of the BRAU (Biblioteca di Area Umanistica) in Piazza Bellini 56 - Naples.

The event is also a way to get to know IRIAE and its activities.

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