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ROTONDI Award "Saviors of Art in the World"

On 11 April 2015, in Sassocorvaro (Marche) will take place the ceremony of awarding the Rotondi Award "Saviors of Art in the World" to IRIAE for the research of the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan in Japan. In fact, this prize is won by the big team of people who believed in the project: in addition to Daniele Petrella, President of IRIAE and promoter of the Italian expedition to Japan, the award goes to Hayashida Kenzo, President and Founder of ARIUA, which led the investigations in the seas of Takashima Island, to Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of the Sea of the Sicilian Region, to Marco Merola, journalist, who has made known that research to the World, to all members of IRIAE, ARIUA and Superintendence of Sea which believed in the scientific collaboration between the two countries.

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