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Director of Ethnology Department

Dr. Dimpflmeier for IRIAE is also a lecturer of several courses. See when his courses start BY CLICKING HERE

Dr. Fabiana Dimpflmeier, Ph.D.

Fabiana Dimpflmeier earned her doctorate in Cultural Anthropology at La Sapienza University of Rome (PhD Visiting Candidate Aberdeen University, UK). Previously, she studied History (La Sapienza University of Rome, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), and was trained as painting restorer and archivist (Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatics, and Archives Administration). Member of the Editorial Board of Lares. Quadrimestrale di studi demoetnoantropologici, author of several articles appeared on national and international journals and volumes, for years she operated as EURODOC Italian Delegate (The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers) representing Early Stage Researchers at the European level in matters of education, research, and professional development. She is currently collaborating with La Sapienza University of Rome, La Tuscia University of Viterbo and the University of Teramo. Her research interests include Italian and British history of anthropology, travel and escapist literature, regional and national building process with particular focus on the colonial and fascist discourse, the relationship with otherness, and the maritime dimension. Among her recent publications: Nelle mille patrie insulari. Enografia di Lamberto Loria nella Nuova Guinea britannica (Cisu, 2018, with S. Puccini), I confini nel mare. Alterità e identità nei diari della Marina italiana sull’Oceano (L’Harmattan, 2016, with E. Cocco; ‘De Cia’ Prize 2016), and Lamberto Loria e la ragnatela dei suoi significati (Lares 2014, eds. with P. De Simonis). Her latest monograph Il giro lungo di Lamberto Loria. Le origini papuane dell’etnografia italiana is now in press (Cisu).



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