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Director of Underwater Archaeology Laboratory

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Dr. Mezzapelle for IRIAE is also a lecturer of several courses. See when his courses start BY CLICKING HERE

Dr. Diego Maria Mezzapelle

He graduated in Cultural Heritage at the ALMA MATER STUDIORUM (UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA), has always favored the fascination with underwater archeology.

Since 2009 he's Palombaro of the Navy in which he took part in many diving activities all over the world and obtained many qualifications in the field of diving, one of which is the use of the A.D.S. (Atmospheric Diving Suit) high-tech evolution of diving equipment that allows diving up to 300 meters deep for several hours.

Among the most important operations we mention the recovery of the Concordia, the tower of the pilots of Genoa, the recovery of the barge of immigrants sunk in the central Mediterranean to more than 400 meters deep.

He has participated in hundreds of underwater activities related to the recognition and neutralization of war devices of the first and second world conflicts.

He crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat and performed many underwater activities in Canada and America. In the field of underwater archeology he worked to make a mapping to the SSS of the wreck of the Napoleonic era found at Capo Noli in Liguria where he later performed several inspections of the field.

ROV pilot for several years, he carried out the survey and inspection of many wrecks of the Second World War and participated in the recovery of the finds of the Pollux steamer in collaboration with the Superintendency and the local authorities.

Since 2016 he is a member of the IRIAE in which he has carried out educational and scientific research activities and the excavation of a wreck from the Tokugawa era in Japan.

Today he is the director of the IRIAE Underwater Archaeology Laboratory.

Married and father of a beautiful child.

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