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Director of Mediterranean Archaeology Department

Dr. Alfredo Carannante, Ph.D.

Alfredo Carannante is a naturalist and archaeologist specialized in Anthropology and Human Ecology.

Lecturer of Anthropology, Sciences applied to Archaeology, Prehistoric Ecology, Bioarchaeology and Geoarchaeology at the Universities of Naples "Federico II", "L'Orientale" and "Suor Orsola Benincasa", he coordinated and directed bioarchaeological research teams in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Eritrea and Oman.

He is, at the moment, the person in charge for bioarchaeological projects in several prehistoric, classic and medieval sites in Italy (Barumini, Puisteris, Cuccurada-Mogoro, Othoca, Tharros, Cumae, Baiae, Alifea, Pompeii, San Vincenzo al Volturno), Cyprus (Pyrgos-Mavroraki), Egypt (Marsa Gawasis and Berenike) and Oman (Ras al-Hadd). 

PhD in Mediterranean Prehistory and specialized in Bronze Age Archaeology, his research interests are focused on natural resources exploitation in ancient societies, on ancient economies and gastronomy and on the economic, symbolic and ritual role of animals in ancient cultures.

Dr. Carannante for IRIAE is also a lecturer of several courses. See when his courses start BY CLICKING HERE

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