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In this page you can find all the interventions of IRIAE on television and in documentaries.

The reportage of TG3 Leonardo on the IRIAE Archaeological Expedition to Japan, during the Photograph Exhibition in the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin.

From the 2016 Archaeological Campaign of IRIAE and ARIUA in Hatsushima Island

IRIAE's surveys with camera-probe, in collaboration with "La Macchina del Tempo", realized in the Marche Region at the Church of San Claudio al Chienti within the project "On the Trails of the Carolingians".

"On the Trails of the Carolingians"

September 2014. Surveys with camera-probe in the Marche.

"IRIAE EXPEDITIONS: Unearthing Ancient Japan" December 2015

An Archaeological Project to Rediscover Prehistoric Japan

The video of our Crowdfunding project for the archaeological expedition entitled "Unearthing Ancient Japan - An Archaeological Project to Rediscover Prehistoric Japan". Help us in the realization of start-up through a donation on Indiegogo or by sharing as much as possible the Crowdfunding project. You can read English subtitles by clicking the button indicated in the video.

Tg2 Storie - Archeosub in Giappone - 03/01/2015​​

The reportage of TG2 Storie on the IRIAE Archaeological Expedition in Japan. Interview with Daniele Petrella, President of IRIAE, and Marco Merola, Vice-President and Chief of Comunication.


"Art under the bombs" - IRIAE Conference at BMTA 2014


"Art Under The Bombs: Histories of Successful Saves and Announced Disasters in the World Cultural Heritage in War Zones" 

The Mistery of Marco Polo: Did He Go To China?

The President of IRIAE, Daniele Petrella, interviewed for "Caffè Uno Mattina" (RAI 1) on the mistery of Marco Polo's journey to China

Secret Rome


The vice president of the institute, Marco Merola interviewed in Caffè Uno Mattina about his fantastic report on the Secret Rome and its mistery.


The President of IRIAE interviewed in Caffè Uno Mattina again: the mistery of Charles The Great

Following the positive experience in occasion of the discovery of the lost fleet of Kubilai Khan, the president of Iriae, Mr. Daniele Petrella has been guest at Uno Mattina Caffè, RAI 1, once again. This time, the topic of the interview is Charles the Great and his deeds -- this year the 1200th anniversary of his death occurs. Invitation by the authors of the Program has been renewed to bring to Saxa Rubra any new discovery and interesting research.

Found after seven centuries the Kublai Khan's Fleet

The IRIAE's archaeological expedition that led to the discovery of the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan is the only western expedition in Japan: Daniele Petrella and Marco Merola, interviewed for "Uno Mattina", explain all the secrets of this sensational discovery.

L'Ombre d'un doute Ep 31


HAS MARCO POLO ACTUALLY BEEN IN CHINA?: The President of IRIAE, Dr. Daniele Petrella, interviewed about controversial theory (minutes 29-31). For the first time, archaeological data of the Archaeological Expedition in Japan of the IRIAE, in support of the thesis of philologists.

The submerged Fleet of Kublai Khan 


The images of the Kublai Khan's Fleet discovery. In 1281 the Mongols attempted to invade Japan, but a violent typhoon destroyed more than 4,000 ships. That past has resurfaced thanks to a team of the Italian-Japanese archaeologists.


The Flower and the Sword: Travel in the Japan of Samurai

The first edition of the ethnological study-trip in Japan, organized by IRIAE and Aikido Italian Federation and supported by University of Naples "L'Orientale"

Tg3 Leonardo - La Scoperta della Flotta di Kubilai Khan 06/01/2017

IRIAE EXPEDITION: 3D relief of Tokugawa's Palace roof component

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