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Ralph K Pedersen


Ralph K Pedersen is the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst Gastdozent for Nautical Archaeology at Philipps-Universität Marburg. Previously, he served as Distinguished Visiting Professor in Anthropology and Knapp Chair in Liberal Arts at the University of San Diego and the Whittlesey Chair Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut. Dr. Pedersen has excavated a 1500 year old shipwreck at Black Assarca Island, Eritrea; surveyed shipwrecks off New York’s Long Island, and served as an Associate Director of India’s Kadakkarapally Boat Project. He has also conducted extensive research in Lebanon. He has been a Research Associate with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology since 1992. Dr. Pedersen holds a doctorate from the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University.

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