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Preliminary survey of prehistoric caves in the Trapani area

Scientific Direction: Dr. Daniele Petrella, Ph.D.
Starting and ending year: 2018

Sicily is a real treasure trove for archaeological studies. Its territory is studded with interesting archaeological sites from Prehistory to the Modern Era.

Although it has been studied in depth by researchers from all over the world, it still retains many aspects that need to be investigated.

From 7 to 16 May 2018, the IRIAE team, in collaboration with the GASTP (Gruppo Ambientale Speleologico Trapanese - Trapanese Speleological Group), carried out surveys inside several caves pertaining to a period between the Mesolithic and the Lower Neolithic present between Mount Erice and Mount Cornino in the Trapani area.

What was recorded by these surveys is a strong anthropic presence evidenced by calcified human remains and artefacts related to them.

Certain features common to all these caves, such as the entrance facing the sea, suggest that the life of these people was closely connected and conditioned by the link with the sea.

In addition to pointing out the aforementioned archaeological evidence, photogrammetric surveys were carried out that yielded 3D models of the caves, which also served the purpose of preserving the memory of both the morphology of the caves and some of the cave paintings (which are subject to constant degradation).

All the material produced served to further raise the awareness of the bodies responsible for the protection of these sites in the hope that more in-depth investigations will be carried out as soon as possible.

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