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IRIAE’s Impact-Driven Statement

Socio-political impact
  • IRIAE, through the study of the origins of peoples, contacts, exchanges and coexistence between cultures, promotes a message of cultural unity that seeks to contribute to the resolution of political-social discords and tensions, often the cause of discriminatory acts that still affect many countries today. For this aim, the Institute has structured communication plans designed to convey this message to all levels of society. 

  •  In highly urbanized contexts, IRIAE focuses its activity on the protection and enhancement of archaeological evidence, making its use more sustainable and attracting the interest of the community towards the conservation and respect of its historical-cultural identity.

Environmental impact
  • Archaeological sites, both terrestrial and underwater, are inevitably an integral part of the natural environment in which they exist. This transforms them into the natural habitat of numerous animal and plant species, often in danger of extinction. Therefore, applying archaeological research methodologies in col-laboration with specialists in the sector contributes to the protection of the habitat of which archaeological evidence is now part. IRIAE considers this archaeological evidence an inseparable component from the surrounding envi-ronment and, therefore, places it as a further element in support of interna-tional environmental protection policies. The Institute, therefore, endeavours to activate a process of raising awareness of local communities and, in relation to submerged sites, of fishing consortia on the use of sustainable and non-invasive fishing techniques. 

  • Archaeology is often confronted with the effects that climate change, the consequent changes in coastline and ecosystem balances, have on the histori-cal dynamics of past populations. IRIAE, aware of the importance that data from its research can represent for ongoing climate change studies, undertakes to make them available to the international scientific community.

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