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(Version 2.0 – 20/01/2022)



The International Research Institute for Archaeology and Ethnology (hereinafter IRIAE) is a Non-Profit Research Institute engaged in archaeological and ethnological research and expeditions around the world.

Its international spirit and the need to constantly relate to the cultures of the planet have always considered "diversity" to be the true great treasure of humanity.

It follows that, within it, there can be no room for any form of racial, age and gender discrimination.

Specifically, the possibility of joining the IRIAE and therefore of its research projects and expeditions is exclusively linked to scientific-professional skills and abilities without gender being a discriminating factor of choice.

Some data

Every year, the main trade associations of archaeologists (ANA and CIA) carry out an analytical census of professionals in the sector. At present, it appears that 70% of archaeologists are female until the age of 36/40, after which the percentage drops considerably because archaeologists are unable to reconcile the condition of motherhood with work and, in as freelance professionals, they do not enjoy a supportive welfare. This leads to a departure from the profession for which he studied for many years.


The reality of IRIAE, however, is different from the one mentioned above. Our work takes place exclusively in the field of scientific-archaeological research and within expeditions abroad, rather than in urban and rescue archaeology. Therefore, our GEP develops as follows:


1) Growth and career opportunities

Entry into the research teams follows evaluation criteria that are based on specific skills through the analysis of curricula and behavioural characteristics through face-to-face interviews. These criteria are not minimally influenced by the gender of the candidate.

In the same way, the growth within the Institute, which leads a member to cover management roles within the projects, direction of the Departments or positions within the Board of Directors, is not conditioned by the characteristics gender.


2) Remunerative equity

With the same role, the salaries for the members of the Institute are absolutely equal and not influenced by gender diversity.

In the case of research projects in non-European countries where there is a condition of gender inequality and in which collaborations are structured with local research institutes and universities, IRIAE undertakes to protect not only the human rights of the individual, but also to guarantee remunerative gender equity for its team and any local collaborators.


3) Gender Diversity Management Policy: The GEP Team and training

In order to ensure gender equity in all aspects, IRIAE has established an internal GEP Team consisting of the three top positions (President, Vice-President and Secretary General) and two members of the Board of Directors.

This Team verifies that every activity of the Institute follows the directives set out in this document and periodically monitors the statistical data relating to the condition of gender equity in the specific sector, relating to trade associations.

The IRIAE GEP Team is also involved in organizing training workshops, held by an expert in the sector, on the protection of gender rights in the world of archaeology and scientific research in Italy and abroad.

Furthermore, in the event of proven existence of sexual harassment, the GEP Team undertakes to expel the responsible person with immediate effect and report him/her to the competent authorities.


4) Policy for the protection of parenthood

One of the factors that most affects gender diversity in the workplace is parenting. For IRIAE, this condition is not discriminatory in terms of remuneration and/or career and/or the possibility of participating in research projects.

IRIAE, therefore, pays attention to the parental status of its members by ensuring the application of benefits to protect the latter. In particular:

  • Allocation of funds for any financial contributions in order to facilitate the management of minor children in cases of single parenthood or impossibility of management by the second parent and/or guardian.

  • Adjustment of working hours without repercussions on remuneration to meet the needs of minors.

  • In case of expedition abroad, destination of an additional contribution to face the management and/or the eventuality of having to bring the child with you.


5) The Gender Balance

To face up to the above and constantly stimulate attention on the GEP, IRIAE has included in its Annual Report the analysis of the Gender Balance, allocating a percentage of the funds available to the facilities to protect the parenting of the Gender Equity.

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