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Completed Expeditions

The Kubilai Khan's Lost Fleet Project

Considered one of the major discoveries of the last 50 years, that of Kubilai Khan's Fleet changed the international view of a page of history and its implications.

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BeArchaeo Project

Six European countries in collaboration with Japanese researchers to understand the dynamics that led to the birth of the first Japanese 'state'.

The Tokugawa Shipwreck of Hatsushima Island Project

The incredible discovery of the Tokugawa shipwreck and its cargo of architectural elements for the reconstruction of the government buildings destroyed by the Mereiki fire of 1654.

The Thai Shipwreck of yamami Site Project

The discovery of a 17th century Thai trade shipwreck that disproves the total closure of Japan during the Edo Period.

Preliminary survey of the Caves of the Bay of Cornino

The investigation and photogrammetric survey of the prehistoric caves of Mount Cofano in Sicily by the IRIAE team of archaeologists and geologists.

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